Lothar-Meyer-Gymnasium Varel

The Missing Princess

(3.9.2019, Cl) King Arthur has called you to his castle. He is known wide and far for being the most generous leader. His huge castle shows his wealth and power. But all of the kingdom is disturbed right now. Their beautiful princess has disappeared! She is the only heir, and without her the kingdom will shatter. So the king called upon you.

"I want you to bring me back my daughter,” the old king pleads. "Bring her back to me safely.”

"I will try my very best to return her to you,” you reply to the hopeful king.

Which character do you think will be more useful for this adventure: A knight or a mage? Make your choice and watch as the story unfolds!

This is an interactive story adventure in which you - the readers - decide how the story will play out! Let us know in the comments what you would decide and read the continuation of “The Missing Princess” every week!

This project was brought to you by the “Creative Writing Group”. Interested in joining us? Ask your English teacher about it!