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The Missing Princess - Part III

(25.9.2019, Cl) This is an interactive story adventure in which you - the readers - decide how the story will play out! Let us know in the comments what you would decide and read the continuation of “The Missing Princess” every week!

Was bisher geschah: Der König hat dich - einen mächtigen Magier - ausgesandt, um seine verschwundene Tochter zu finden. Zunächst gehst du ins Dorf, um herauszufinden, wo du deine Suche beginnen kannst. Hier befragst du in der Taverne den Bäcker.

Wird es dir gelingen die Prinzessin zu finden? Bist du stark genug, mutig genug, weise genug, um das Abenteuer zu überstehen…? Schreibe hier, wie du dich entscheiden würdest!

You go over to the table where the smith and baker are standing. "Hey, did you hear about the princess?” you ask.

Only the baker nods and the smith turns away. "So what do you want to know?"

You just stare at him and answer: “Well, I want to find the princess and bring her back? What else should I do?"
The baker smiles and pats your shoulder. "Just follow the river and on the highest peak in the Dark Mountains you will find the princess. Why? Because there lives the dragon and he stole the princess right in front of my eyes."
"Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

You leave the tavern, your eyes wandering to the sky. A dragon! This will not be easy…
The next morning you wake up early. You feel ready to start on your mission. The sun is not quite up yet when you leave the town. You meet a few people on the way out. They give you a respectful nod and wish you good luck. A young girl presses a white flower into your hand and whispers: "Be careful, please!" Then she turns around and runs away.
You watch her go and swallow. The importance - and danger - of your mission becomes clear to you. You turn around. Without looking back you walk onto the King's Road and into the rising sun.
You walk for two days. You see a lot of the beautiful countryside and even walk past some big towns. On the morning of your third day you come to a wide river. In the distance you see the Dark Mountains.
You look up and down the river for a bridge but cannot spot one. How deep might the river be? Could you cross it somehow? You wonder.

You keep on looking. To your right there is a forest. You remember that there is a way to the mountains through the forest. But you also remember that this is the Ghost Forest... an old and dark wood full of terrors... Which way do you choose?
Do you try to cross the river or do you want to go trough the Ghost Forest to get to the Dark Mountains?

This project was brought to you by the “Creative Writing Group”. Interested in joining us? Ask your English teacher about it!

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