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The Missing Princess - Part V

(11.11.2019, Cl) This is an interactive story adventure in which you - the readers - decide how the story will play out! Let us know in the comments what you would decide and read the continuation of “The Missing Princess” every week!
Was bisher geschah: Der König hat dich - einen mächtigen Magier - ausgesandt, um seine verschwundene Tochter zu finden. Zunächst gehst du ins Dorf, um herauszufinden, wo du deine Suche beginnen kannst. Hier befragst du in der Taverne den Bäcker, welcher dir von einem Drachen berichtet, der die Prinzession geraubt hat. Auf dem Weg in das Dunkle Gebirge hast du den Gefahren des Geisterwaldes getrotzt und bist zur Höhle des Drachen hinaufgeklettert! Nun befindet sich das mächtige Geschöpf vor dir und du... hast dich entschlossen mit ihm zu reden....!?
Wird es dir gelingen die Prinzessin zu finden? Bist du stark genug, mutig genug, weise genug, um das Abenteuer zu überstehen…? 

Schreibe hier, wie du dich entscheiden würdest!

"Hey, dragon!" Without thinking you start running, the weapon in your hand.
Suddenly, the awoken princess screams. You should hurry, the princess must be saved immediately, she's so scared!

"Stop it, you idiot!" She runs in front of the dragon. To... protect it? Confused you stop moving. She wipes away a few tears. Then she turns around to the dragon and starts patting his big body. She whispers:" Hey, it´s okay. He will not kill you for sure. Otherwise I´m going to eliminate him instead." With an angry stare the princess´ eyes break down your whole mind. You put your weapon away.

"So...I´m right, if I guess you both are friends?" You open your mouth carefully. Triggering the princess might not be the smartest thing.

"Of course we are! What do you want? Do not tell me this was my father´s doing...He knows I will not let him win."Sceptically she walks towards you. You swallow as you answer her question with yes and even dare to ask her what exactly was meant with "winning."

"I already complained a lot of times that I am not allowed to leave the palace. I hardly have any friends, it is so lonely...So, last time I said to him I am going to leave the palace, if he does not let me go out."
She seems very depressed. You do not even have to look into her sad eyes- you already understand the severeness of her problem.

"This is only a temporary solution. Please come back and I will help you to solve your problem, okay?" You ask as nice as you can. This is not your job in the first place. Maybe you will worsen the situation, but perhaps this is better than doing nothing.

"Worth a try. But remember: if it does not work, I will not come back home forever." She shrugs. After a last goodbye to the dragon she does not hesitate anymore to follow you back home.

The end.

This project was brought to you by the “Creative Writing Group”. Interested in joining us? Ask your English teacher about it! Die gesamte bisherige Geschichte findest du hier.